Laag sa Bohol

Ako ra usa niadto pero wala ko nag-inusara aning lakawa.

Mga pahinumdom:

Check the weather forecast para pod nindot ang adlaw sa imong paglaag pero kon ganahan ka ug surpresa gikan sa panahon..ikaw nay bahala.

Magpabook daan kung asa ka mopuyo. Ako sa online site ko nga gapabook ingon to ako giabangan nga hostel mas barato ila price didto kaysa walk-in imong pagbook.

note: usa ka magpabook sa klaroha kung free ra ba ang cancellation o naay payment just in case dile ka madayon ug adto para pod dile mausik imong kwarta kay makabayad niya ka sa cancellation fee

Pasinsilyo sa tibuok nga kwarta para sa mga ginagmay nga balayranan

Magdala ug valid i.d kay pangitaan niya ka

Search online kung asa imong mga ganahan adtuan nga tourist’s spots.

Mangnailcutter usa ky para dile dali mahugaw ang kuku ug dile maukal labi na gyud kung humok ra ka ug kuku.
Ky akoa naukal jud sakita lage natarog man nidugo slight well nakapangayo ko ug band aid sa may terminal fee nga opisina sa pantalan.

Basta mag commute lang dala lakaw init nya kung singtanon ka manimaho jud so andam lang og mga butang pampabugnaw og pampamala sa singot.

Magdala ug kandado para e lock sa imong bag para safe.( man gud ko ug 200php)

Mga gipili nako nga tourist’s spots:
1. Hinagdanan cave
2. Loboc river cruise
3. Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area
4. Chocolate Hills

Mga litrato:



Sa sulod sa cave


Loboc floating restaurants


Ang gapiyong nga tarsier.


Ang gamata nga tarsier.

Mga tarsiers. Mao ni akong pinakaganahan sa akong pagbisita didto. Mga cute kaayo dile lang pwede hikapon.


Ang kutas sak-on nga hagdanan para maka proper view ka sa mga ga palibot nga chocolate hills.


Ang chocolate hills sight gikan sa akong gibarugan.

Mga uban pang litrato:


Mao ni ang signage nga makita nimo kilid sa highway padulong sa cave.


Nangita jud ko ug tricycle nga walay ‘for hire’ nga sign kay basi mahal ug bayad kay for hire gud. Ang ending ana ang driver kolorum kuno nang walay for hire nga sign.
Naa sila tricycle nga naay ‘special trip’ nga sign pod pero wala ko kasulay ug sakay.


Island city mall. Ang pinaka sayon adtuan kay duol ra sa mga pampubliko nga mga sakyanan (tricycle, jeepney, easyride, bus).


Alturas mall. Nalingaw ko dire ug sakay sa escalator.


Bohol coco farm. Mao ni akong napilian sa mao may barato. Hostel ni siya.


Bed nako sa bohol coco farm.


Dire ko nanihapon sa unang gabie nako. Duol ra ni sa akong giabangan. Ayaw kalimot ug kaon para naay kusog.

Mga direksyon:(…kung ang imong gipuy-an nga hostel kay sa Bohol coco farm kung dile laktawi ra nang direksyon pa coco farm)


To Hinagdanan cave

pantalan – island city mall (ICM) paradahan *30php – city square *8php – bingag paradahan (malakaw ra pangutana ra sa mga mga tawo) – Bingag, Panglao hinagdanan cave (ingna ra ang driver nga didto ka ihunong, naa ra sa kilid sa highway dapit ang signage nga Hinagdanan cave) *11php – lakaw pasulod straight ra hangtod maabot ka sa cave kay naa sya sa tumoy dapit (walking distance ra mga 10min.)

entrance fee: 50php
¤ barato ra ilang souvenirs ¤

To Bohol coco farm

back to Tagbilaran city paradahan sa Tawala, Libaong – Libaong Bohol Coco Farm (ang signage sa Bohol coco farm hostel kay naa ra pod kilid sa highway dapit para sure ingna ra ang konduktor o ang driver nga didto ka mohunong) *20php – lakaw pasulod ky sulodlon man ang hostel

Dec. 11

To Loboc river cruise

Libaong – ICM paradahan *20php (atang ra sa highway pero kon maglisod ka ug sakay kay puno na pwede ka molakaw padulong sa intersection naa didto jeep padulong ICM) – Loboc (ingna ang konduktor o driver nga didto sa may loboc river cruise ka mohunong naa ra pod kilid sa highway dapit makita ra nimo ilang river ug floating restaurants) *27php.

river cruise, lunch, and MSS charges: 550php

To Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area

Loboc – Carmen Chocolate hills (atang lang ug bus sa highway dapit) *36php.

Nakasakay nako ug bus pa Carmen niya samtang ga biyahe pa naa may nanghunong sa Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area didto nalang pod ko nihunong para molantaw sa mga tarsiers. Mas maayo kung magsakay ka ug bus gikan Loboc naa ka sa wala nga side(left side) dapit para makita nimo ang Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area nga ngalan o ingnon ba nimo ang konduktor nga didto ka mohunong. Lagmit daghan pod mohunong didtong mga turista.

note: Ang Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area kay unahan sa Loboc river cruise ug wala pa kaabot sa Carmen chocolate hills.

entrance fee: 60php

To Carmen chocolate hills

Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area – Carmen Chocolate hills *16php (sakay ug bus pa Carmen, ang signage sa chocolate hills inig abot nimo naa ra kilid sa highway sa tuo nga side (right side) dapit) – sakay motor pasaka para maka view sa mga chocolate hills *40php, kung ganahan ka back and forth *80php

entrance fee: 50php

From Carmen to Tagbilaran city

Carmen chocolate hills – Tagbilaran city (bus ra japon ang sakyan atang lang sa kilid sa highway) *50php.

From Tagbilaran to Bohol coco farm

ICM paradahan – paradahan sa Libaong – Libaong Bohol Coco Farm

Kay gikan ko sa Dumaguete ug round trip ra akong biyahe sa una ug ikaduha nga adlaw nako nahuman ang akong target nga destinasyon. Pagkaikatulo nga adlaw andam na pabalik.

Ang schedule sa oceanjet round trip:

Pangadto : Dec. 10, 2018 @ 9:50am

Pabalik: Dec. 12, 2018 @ 12:10pm

Sandcastle competition and pintacarabao contest

Every May 15 of the year we celebrate our annual fiesta in honor of our municipality patron, Saint Isidore Labrador. This year is the first intro of Carabao de Colores festival. It highlights the help of the farmers which is carabao. I captured some photos of sandcastle entries representing those who join the contest including some barangays of Vallehermoso.


Another one is pintacarabao contest in which carabaos are painted. I am lucky to have a pic of the winning carabao.




Travelling solo in Apo Island, Siquijor Island, and Sumilon Island, Philippines

We come into a point in our lives when we want to explore and discover the world around us.

As I climb to the mountain of Puncak Tanawan, Sibulan in the province of Negros Oriental, I saw the view below of the entire geographical place and what amazed me were the four small islands distant from each other. They attracted me and it seems like they are inviting me to come and visit them.

As a native in Negros, it is somewhat of a big advantage for me when it comes to spending for the expected expenses that will be incurred just to satisfy myself to see and experience the beauty of the neighboring islands . It sure will not cost much because they are near my location.

As a solo traveler, it would be quite expensive since I don’t have someone to share my expenses with. But still I manage to spend a little and it’s worth the time and money. The price is nothing compared to a lifetime of memories and relaxation that will leave a trail in your life.

Here are my travel adventures to the first two islands.

Apo island. Its name ‘Apo’ means grandchild in bisaya dialect. In going there, I avail a package tour worth php 1,200 in Harolds, Dumaguete city. This cost covers snorkeling only. It includes lunch,snorkeling gears and diving experts who were there to guide you to swim if you don’t know how. It is fun in a way that you are accompanied by fellows who have the same gusto as you. The beautiful corals, colorful fish, and big turtles will make you say ‘wow’ even when you can’t speak it cause you’re snorkeling. It is a challenge for you especially first timers but believe me it will make you feel fulfilled.

My second destination is the island of Siquijor. It is known as a place full of wonder and mystery. It sounds scary but it’ll make you appreciate it more when you’re there. You will see different beauties of nature–white sand shore, clear blue sea water, waterfalls, old century balete tree where you get entice by fish massaging your feet with their tiny bites don’t worry they are safe, man-made forest, and fun broomstick challenge picture-taking which will make you look like a witch riding in a broomstick. The waters make you want to swim and dive. I did not do that though because I’m availing an island tour worth php 600 only for sightseeing but if you want you still have plenty of time to do so just prepare extra clothing. I hired an island tour driver and ride in a motorcycle with him. Additional costs are incurred for entrance fees and motorcycle parking fee. I came into a point also when I get short of cash in paying an entrance fee as well as terminal fee but special thanks to the people there who still allow me to pursue my adventure.

These are the places I visited there in order.

St. Francis of Assisi church


You can see this welcome sign beside the church after a small walk outside Siquijor port.

Paliton beach


No entrance fee

Capilay Spring park


It is a pool in the park.

No entrance fee

Old  century balete tree


Keep yourself relaxed as you get entertained by fish gently caressing your feet.

Entrance fee: 10php

Broomstick challenge


Always bring your camera with you for this broomstick picture-taking challenge.

Donation only

Cambugahay falls/third falls


No entrance fee

The use of life jacket requires a payment of php 100 only.

Salagdoong man-made forest and beach resort


As you enter the narrow road of Salagdoong, you can feel the ambiance from surrounding and welcoming tall trees. It is directed towards the beach resort.

Entrance fee and motorcycle parking fee: php 50

There are two ports in Siquijor island: Larena and Siquijor

I took Dumaguete-Siquijor trip (one day tour)

Ticket cost: ( one way )

Economy-100.00php              Aircon-120.00php

Terminal fee: 15php

Schedule of my trip:                     First trip: 8:30am DGTE-SIQUIJOR   Last trip: 6:00pm SIQUIJOR-DGTE

The itinerary of this trip is set already by the driver/tour guide. It is important to have agreed upon certain matter in case of adjustment or any concern one may have.

Next is Sumilon Island. Since I am on a budget, I did not avail the tour package in Sumilon. What I did is go there in a ‘do it yourself’ way.
Here is my experience as a first time traveler there. I am base in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

1. From our home, I took a tricycle towards the main highway to Sibulan. Fare rate within the city is php 8.00. Travel time estimate: 5 min.

2. From the main highway to Sibulan port since I’m conscious with the time, I ride a tricycle again. Fare rate is php 20.00. Travel duration estimate: 15min.

Note: You can choose to ride an easyride just wait for it to pass by in the main highway. Fare rate is php 10.00. Travel duration estimate: 10 min.

In my case, I arrived in the main highway exactly the time an easyride passed by but I chose not to ride on it because I bought a food and bottled water first. I did not wait for another easyride and just ride a tricycle.

3. At Sibulan port, I bought a ticket for a pumpboat ride to Liloan, Santander Port. Ticket cost: php 50.00 (including terminal fee)
Travel time: 10:30 am
Travel duration estimate: 20 min.


4. From Liloan, Santander Port another tricycle ride to Liloan main highway. Fare rate is php 10.00. Travel duration estimate: 5 min.


5. From Liloan main highway, I ride an easyride to Bancogon. Fare rate: php 15.00. Travel duration estimate: 20 min.

Note: Just tell the driver your destination is to Sumilon Island in case he will asked where in Bancogon will he drop you or you will tell him directly so that he can assist you.

In my case, he dropped me at Vangie’s boat rental. A man in a motorcycle approached me. I told him i will go to Sumilon island. He said that the bangka ride will cost me php 500.00 back and forth. I agreed and ride on his motorcycle towards the location (Vangie’s). There I paid the amount. Actually the place is just walking distance from the main road.


If you want to use snorkel, there is a rental in the amount of php 100.00.

They will also collect an entrance fee of php 50.00.

6. From Bancogon to Sumilon island. Travel duration estimate: 15 min.



7. In Sumilon island, you are free to use the lifevest. Enjoy swimming in the bluewater and step your feet on whitesand. You can also see colorful fish underwater with the use of snorkel.






Use of C.R: php 20.00

8. Exit Sumilon at 4pm which is the last trip of bangka back to Bancogon.


Note: You can take a shower in Bancogon since it is not available in Sumilon. Just pay php 10.00.

9. It is time-consuming to wait for another vehicle back to Liloan Port. I was just lucky to hitch a motorcycle. It is a hitch with a pay of course in the amount of php 50.00.

10. From Liloan Port to Sibulan Port, i bought a fastcraft ticket. Ticket cost: 65.00 ( including terminal fee). Travel duration estimate: 20 min.

11. I walk from Sibulan Port to the main road. I then ride an easyride to Dumaguete City back to home.

Past time games

As a human being we undergo a process called growth. The first stage is in our childhood years when playing is part of our existence. We all never stop there because until today being a young adult, there are still that juvenile acts that are practice. Boredom leads me to do this. When I was still on my elementary years, I played basketball. Guess what up to this present time I bought this little thing.

It is for children ages 3 to 7 but who would have thought that a 27 year old me would play still. All I want is to develop my shooting skill. It makes my body work testing my eyesight if it’s clear and my arms if they can control the ball well.

The next thing I put my effort on is in the game called dart. Since I don’t know how to play this game, I do it base on observation. I can see that they just throw it to hit ‘bulls eye’. I don’t know how to do calculations of the numbers but all I know is when you throw the arrow and it hits the target then it is equivalent to winning.
Be it on past time, leisurely doing it can make you sweat a little, gives a little pain in the muscle , and gives life to the body. So take some time to add adventure to your life by doing what your body ached for.